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At Richmond, we believe in providing access to education on a global scale. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizons, to immerse yourself in a new culture, explore a new city, meet new people and experience different languages and traditions.

Richmond’s study centres – Rome and Florence, Italy

We have study centres based in the heart of Rome and Florence where students can enjoy a cultural experience alongside their academic studies.

In addition to classes, for example, students may undertake academic field trips and weekend visits to Pompeii, Pisa and Venice.

Carley, studying BA in Art History and Visual Culture, talks about her Study Abroad experience, having spent a semester in Florence:

“Being in Florence was a phenomenal experience, it is a remarkable city which will stick with me as my second home for the rest of my life.

My love for Florence comes from the city, the culture and the food. The people were fantastic, the staff were excellent. It is safe to say my experience would not have been half as amazing without the work and care of everyone on the Richmond in Florence team. I learnt so much about life, Italy and art, it helped me to adapt and taught me how to immerse myself in another culture. I implore everyone, anyone reading this to seriously consider Florence as your next stop in your life. It was one hundred percent the best thing I have ever experienced”.

International partnership programme

Richmond, the American International University

We also offer students the opportunity to study abroad with our partners in New York, Shanghai, Australia, New Zealand, Athens, Brussels, Paris, Florida, Buenos Aires, South Korea, Madrid and many more places around the world.

Students are able to study for a summer, a semester or a full year abroad and then transfer all their credits back to Richmond to complete their degree, all without the need to pay for expensive international fees or adding extra time to their programme. This gives students an exciting international experience to help them seek employment after graduation.

Interested in finding out more? Click here for details of our international partners.

One of our students is currently studying abroad at the University of North Florida, find out more about her experience:

Hi! I’m Zara, a third year International Business Studies student at Richmond. I live in Essex which is about an hour from central London. I love to travel and see other countries and so I am currently studying abroad for a semester at the University of North Florida :)

My roommate and I decided to apply to study abroad for the Fall ’19 semester at the University of North Florida and now I’ve been here for two weeks! It was strange at first not being at Richmond, but I love it here so far. My accommodation building has two swimming pools right outside and the weather is always hot and sunny (other than the Hurricane Dorian scare that we had).

Richmond, the American International University

My teachers are really good and I’m taking a photography class as an elective. Outside of the classroom there is so much to do on campus. The campus is built on a nature reserve so there’s a forest right outside my accommodation and I walk on a bridge through it to get to class. I’ve been to the town centre, the beach, a spring river/lake, an American football game, downtown Jacksonville, pool parties and so many more tourist sights. There are always UNF organised events going on, like on Thursday they’re holding a Clubfest event which sounds really similar to Springfest at Richmond. Here’s a photo of me and the UNF Osprey mascot, Ozzie.

I’m so excited for what is to come such as my 21st birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the lead up to Christmas!

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