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Accounting – is much more than book-keeping, it’s about providing assurance that the numbers are really what they say they are.
Acting, Producing & Stage Management – For over 50 years East 15 Acting School has produced some of the most distinctive practitioners in the industry.
Actuarial science – Risk is an opportunity, being an actuary is a shrewd career choice.
American (US) studies – America: land of the free, home of the brave?.
Art history – Acquire a nuanced knowledge of art and visual culture, and become an active participant in our complex visual work.
Biochemistry – Biochemistry is the branch of science that explores the chemical processes within and related to living organisms.
Biological sciences – Biology is the scientific exploration of the vast and diverse world of living organisms.
Biomedical science – Biomedical science applies the concepts of biochemistry and cell biology to the study of health and disease in the human body.
Business and management – We inspire you to be analytical and innovative, so you can solve business challenges for the good of organisations and society.
Childhood studies – Discover what shapes children’s behaviour and their sense of identity.
Computational finance – We deliver rigorous training in finance, economics and computer science, and focus on established and emergent technologies.
Computer science – Social media, face recognition, website design, cloud computing, network security, robotics – there is nowhere better to study these fascinating areas of computing.
Creative writing – Creative writing at Essex focuses on the theory and practice of becoming a writer.
Criminology – Developing a criminological imagination will help you to see the world in a completely different way.
Data analytics – Data science and analytics is about carrying out the investigations needed to inform important decisions and to predict new trends.
Drama – The study of drama is a true marriage of intellect and emotion.
Economics – Economic recovery is probably one of the most pressing and urgent challenges right now, and studying economics gives you the unique tools to take on this challenge, find a solution and improve wellbeing.
Engineering – Engineering is essential to our modern world of instant global communication and the cutting edge technologies of tomorrow.
English language – From the media to the marketplace, courtrooms and conversation – everything starts with language.
English language teaching – Aspire for a global career? Teaching English as a Foreign Language is the perfect way to start your adventure!.
Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship is about ambitious mind-sets, new venture creation and innovation.
Environment – Our changing environment is the primary threat to our world’s survival, and the climate crisis has motivated mass protests all over the world.
European studies – You’ll delve into debates of Europe’s future, explore the diverse landscapes and immerse yourself into European culture.
Film studies – Making and analysing film is about seeing the world through your own unique lens.
Finance and banking – Learn how to forecast share prices, manage investment portfolios, and understand the role of financial technology and big data.
Genetics – The field of genetics is central to our understanding of biology, from modern developments in treating human disease to studying the evolutionary relationships between species.
Global studies – Study some of today’s most pressing issues from the migrant crisis to global warming and you’ll acquire a global perspective to face contemporary challenges.
History – Study a wealth of modules exploring the histories of civilisations and cultures from across the globe, and find your critical voice.
Hospitality and events management – Not only will you study the theory to achieve a degree in hospitality or events management, you gain invaluable experience in a 4* hotel.
Human rights – Human rights have no borders or boundaries. They are the global language of the world.
Journalism – Our courses reflect the changes that have transformed journalism in recent years.
Latin American studies – Gain a rich understanding of Latin America by observing it through the lenses across humanities and social sciences.
Law ­– We care about justice and tackle it head-on. You learn to analyse the law and apply it in context.
Liberal arts – Liberal arts draws on multiple disciplines in order to discover new knowledge and reach a deeper understanding of the world we inhabit.
Linguistics – Everything starts with language. It is fundamental to our thoughts, our relationships, and our civilisations.
Literature – Read the classics but want a fresh take on literature? Travel through time, imagine ahead to the future, but also see the present in a whole new light.
Marine biology – Dive into the complex world of whales, coral reefs, fish, deep sea trenches and coastal lagoons.
Marketing – Today’s marketers must interrogate data to identify emerging trends and be both imaginative and strategic to stay ahead of the competition.
Mathematics – Maths is the study of patterns and structures in the world around us.
MBA – For business professionals looking to challenge themselves to expand their knowledge and skills, and to advance their career.
Modern languages – Studying languages opens the door to a whole new world
Nursing – Nursing is about more than just caring, top-notch nursing is about treating the world person, asking difficult questions and driving healthcare knowledge forward.
Occupational therapy – Transform lives by learning how to use occupation as therapy for health and social issues.
Oral health sciences ­– Whether you are an aspiring dental hygienist, or looking to progress to becoming a dental therapist, we have a course for you.
Philosophy – We expand the realm of possibility by going beyond what has so far been thinkable.
Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy is a pioneering profession which helps to improve people’s quality of life.
Politics and international relations – Do you thrive off the unpredictable nature of the political landscape? Study politics and have a meaningful impact on tomorrow’s world.
Psychology – Psychology is all around us, and affects every aspect of life. From what makes people tick, to the underlying psychology of choice, emotion, motivations and beliefs.
Psychosocial and psychoanalytic studies – Explore the unconscious dimensions of human behaviour.
Robotics – We will equip you with the knowledge and skills to contribute to this rapidly-changing and innovative industry. Robots are the future.
Social work – Find long-term solutions and support positive changes for children, adults and families.
Sociology – We will help you to develop a sociological imagination to apply to your experience of the world and give you the confidence to change it for the better.
Speech and language therapy – Enhance quality of life through the development and adaptation of communication approaches as a speech and language therapis.t
Sport and exercise – Combine learning from biology, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition and psychology in a science-based programme.
Sports therapy – Gain the specialist skills and knowledge required to work as a sports therapist.
Translation and interpreting – Fast and efficient communication is a necessity in today’s globalised world.

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