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This section contains loads of advice on what to do at open days, how to apply to university and college, revision tips, how to decide whether to take a gap year, and university subject/course advice.

All advice articles have been written either by careers advice professionals or experts in their field.

Graduation day
How to choose a university

Heading to university is one of the most exciting moments in life, but chosing where to go can also seem like one of the most difficult. Find out some of the best ways to help you make your decision.

Welcome to our open day
What questions should I ask at open days?

Its more than just location and the courses taught. Ask the right questions to help decide whether an institution is right for you.

Open days at York St John University
Town centre crossing
What to look for in a university town or city

How to familiarise yourself with a new city and decide if you could spend 3+ years there.

Open days at York St John University
How Can University Help You Get a Job?y
How Can University Help You Get a Job?

Wondering whether university will actually help you get a job or is it just a waste of time and money? We’re glad you asked!

Open days at Bath Spa University
Outside at an open day
How to get the most from an Open Day

Open Days are a brilliant opportunity to experience university life first-hand. Get the most value out of your visit.

Gap Years

A waste of money or a source of life experiences that you can't afford to miss? We explore the pros and cons.

Richmond Riverside
Five top tips for starting university and for international students coming to the UK

Accommodation, transport, communication. What to expect and where to start.

Open days at York St John University
Inside a university library
Revision and exam preparation

There are no hard and fast rules to preparing for exams, everyone has their own methods. Here are some of our tips.

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Open days at Edge Hill University