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How Can University Help You Get a Job?

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Wondering whether university will actually help you get a job or is it just a waste of time and money? We’re glad you asked!

University isn’t just about textbooks and exams - it also gives you the essential skills, knowledge and networking opportunities that will help you unlock the door to the job of your dreams!

Acquire Specialised Knowledge

Seminars, lectures and assignments allow you to delve deeper into certain topics, concepts and theories in your chosen field and gain knowledge that sets you apart from others in a competitive job market.

Some careers, particularly in the technology and science sectors, will require you to have the specialised knowledge that is gained through a degree (sometimes a masters degree) in order to even be considered for a role.

No matter what career you’re looking for, employers always like well-rounded candidates who also have knowledge in areas that complement the job.

Images from Northeastern University, London

Develop Your Skills Beyond the Classroom

While lectures are an important part of university, there are so many other opportunities that university gives you that you really don’t want to miss out on.

Join a society or sports club for example – this will show employers that you are sociable, good at communicating and working as a team.

Or, if you want to gain some experience, university careers services offer a range of internships at many different companies. This will give you good exposure to different work environments, help you decide whether the job is actually something you want to do and allow you earn some money while you do so.

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Professional Experience

Professional experience is the big one! Most employers will choose someone with experience (no matter how limited that may be) over those that don’t.

University gives you access to a whole load of networking, careers advice, internship and co-op opportunities that can help you gain professional experience before you have even graduated.

Global Outlook & Networking Opportunities

With more and more businesses reaching a global online audience, employers now value a global perspective.

Universities attract students from all over the world, with different backgrounds and experiences to share. This gives you the opportunity to learn and appreciate different cultures and viewpoints.

Careers Services

A huge benefit of going to university is that there are dedicated careers services ready to help guide you at any stage of your journey.

From CV and resume building and mock interviews, to networking and internship opportunities, these services are designed to put you in the best position to enter the job market.

Careers advisers provide valuable insights, helping you to identify your strengths and align them with potential career paths.

In Summary

University offers so much more than just a degree, it gives you something that money can’t buy: time. Over three years, you will learn, grow, and network, gaining experience and skills that not only develop you as a person but curcially make you a great candidate for any job.

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