What questions should I ask at open days?

Before attending a university open day, you should make some basic decisions:

  • What subject you want to study; and
  • Where you want to study that subject

Also, does the open day at your chosen institution cover the subject that you want to study? Some have specific open days for each subject others have a general open day that covers all subjects in all schools. This information can be found on www.opendays.com. Select the institution from the search page, and go to the 'open day dates and details' section.

When at the open day, think about these questions:

  1. Is the institution to far from or to near to home? Do you like the area? Can you cope with being there for at least three years (!)?
  2. Is the university 'campus-based' - all confined in one area or spread over a town ?
  3. Does the university/college have clubs and societies that suit your interests?
  4. Does the university have sports facilities, and can you see them?
  5. Does the social life appeal to you?
  6. Can you imagine yourself here?

Don't worry about where your friends are going - despite the bad train services they can still come and visit. You are guaranteed to make new friends when you get to university so don't sacrifice your happiness to go where your friends, boyfriends or girlfriends are going. It's your life, so make it your decision. Just make sure that you've thought of everything before you make the choice!

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