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What you'll learn

NMITE – New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering

What you’ll learn -

During a series of 8 week-long modules, you’ll study the core fields of your chosen subject, spanning multiple disciplines, to become confident at using a range of different concepts and practice bringing them together using whatever the situation demands. These specialisms will give you a solid grounding on which to analyse problems and create solutions and, in each field, you’ll show your understanding by applying your learning alongside an industrial or community partner.

How you’ll be taught –

Throughout your degree, you’ll work closely with your fellow students in small groups, just as you will in your future career, on projects designed alongside our employer and community partners. These will give you a practical and applied way to learn all the core knowledge and skills you’ll be expected to have by your future employers.

(BEng (Hons) and Meng (Hons)) Integrated Engineering – In your first year (Level 4) you’ll be learning the fundamentals of engineering and creating a solid baseline understanding that you will build upon in later years and projects. You’ll also be building your communication, project management and team-working skills, which will be essential as you continue your studies further.

As you progress through your degree (Levels 5 & 6), you’ll be learning to how evaluate the social and community context of a project, and how that impacts what your solution will be. You’ll also be developing your researching skills, so that you can adapt to any problem you are given and best learn to understand the latest technology to engineering problems and processes.

Continuing onto your final year (Level 7, Meng), you’ll develop your understanding of engineering to encompass the full lifecycle of a project. So that you can address longer term challenges that you may face. You’ll also continue to develop your professional skills and specialist knowledge as part of a final Master’s project, including reflecting on your accumulated experiences up to this point.

BSc (Hons) Sustainable Built Environment – In your first year (Level 4), you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of the built environment industry, with a particular focus on sustainable materials, methods and technology. During this initial year, you will be building your independent learning capabilities and supplementing them by learning to work in a team effectively.

Continuing onto your second year (Level 5), you’ll develop your knowledge of built environment further, working on problems that focus on the construction lifecycle. You’ll be learning to integrate your existing knowledge and skills to plan and manage more complex projects. During half of this year, you will work in the work environment on a placement, providing you with real-world experience and giving you a better insight into the real context that the built environment industry works in.

Supported throughout your studies – You’ll be supported throughout your degree to master not only the mathematical tools needed to be safe, accurate and efficient in your chosen field, but also the knowledge and work readiness skills needed to apply all of your professional determination upon graduation.

How you’ll be assessed –

We believe that your assessment should be as reflective of a real workplace as possible and that means no traditional exams. Instead, our assessments take the form of in-studio quizzes, presentations and debates, display of artefacts you’ve developed and built, industrial reports, development of specifications, test reports and project plans, creative media presentations, journal papers and ‘white papers’ and general question and answer sessions where your participation and knowledge can be assessed.

NMITE – New Model Institute for Technology and EngineeringNMITE – New Model Institute for Technology and EngineeringNMITE – New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering

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